prophecy4f is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

A Monte Carlo generator for a
Proper description of the
Higgs decay into 4 fermions

Ansgar Denner Universität Würzburg, Germany  
Stefan Dittmaier     Universität Freiburg, Germany  
Aleander Mück RWTH Aachen University, Germany  

Former Authors
Axel Bredenstein
Marcus Weber

Prophecy4f is a Monte Carlo integrator for Higgs decays H → WW/ZZ → 4 fermions

It includes:

   all four-fermion final states

   NLO QCD and electroweak corrections

   all interferences at LO and NLO

   effects beyond NLO from heavy-Higgs effects

   alternatively an Improved Born Approximation (IBA) with leading effects of the corrections

   production of unweighted events for leptonic final states

   full NLO corrections in Standard Model (SM) extensions:

       SM with a 4th fermion generation (w/ or w/o leading two-loop improvements)

       Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (THDM)

       Higgs Singlet Extension of the SM (SESM)

What is not included / planned upgrades:

   multi-photon final-state radiation

   interface to parton showers

   anomalous HWW and HZZ couplings

   production of unweighted events for semi-leptonic and hadronic final states
       (at present unweighted events only for Born and IBA for these channels)

If you use Prophecy4f for a publication, please cite all the references listed here.